South of Roosevelt Road


South of Roosevelt Road, the debut film from writer-director-producer Jason Henderson, details two Chicago’s–the prosperous and predominantly white North Side and the infamous and primarily black, South Side. Two people, Emery Lake (Southsider) and Jillian Wright (Northsider), find themselves at crossroads as they navigate a city and relationship built on love, prejudice, misconceptions and psychological scars.

The film begins on Chicago’s famous Red Line train, sometimes known as the North-South 24-hour train line. When the train reaches ‘Roosevelt,’ you are introduced to the dividing line that separates race, class, opportunity and connectedness, the dividing line that Emery and Jillian must embrace before they can walk past the ugliness and evil that each may possess.

Release Date: 2020 TBD

 | 4340 Films


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